We offer personal training here at the PBC and it is open to all levels: the future competitor as well as members just looking for fitness training. Personal Trainers are private contractors certified with USA Boxing and members of the PBC Coaching Staff. If you are inclined to do so and can afford a personal trainer, once you have met with the trainer for the initial beginners training, you will have full membership privileges to the gym starting immediately following that session. The cost is $75.00 for new members, plus the trainer's hourly rate which would be worked out with your trainer (there are discount rates for blocks of 10 or 20 sessions). You can spread out your personal training sessions over time while attending the gym on a daily basis, allowing you to work on and strengthen what your trainer has taught you.

Boxing is a self motivated sport that takes countless hours of training and hard work to sharpen the skills necessary to become a fighter. You WILL get out of this program what YOU put into it!