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Thank you for your interest in Portland Boxing Club's free Boxing Nutrition clinic.

The Portland Boxing Club is providing a Combat Sports Nutrition Clinic because "You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet." This clinic will be based on guidance from the US Olympic Committee to help athletes make the most of the hard work put into training by developing a nutrition plan to take their athletic performance to the next level. The clinic is presented by Mike Foley, author of Eat to Be Fit: The Truth About Fat Loss.

This nutrition clinic will help amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels use good nutrition to fuel performance and meet your goals.

You will learn methods for:

  • Improving nutrition for exercise and boxing performance

  • Cutting weight for competitions

  • Managing weight gain and loss

  • Maintaining proper hydration

  • Increasing stamina, endurance and strength

In addition, athletes will learn:

  • Meal planning and portion control

  • Meal and snack timing

  • What foods to eat before, during and after exercise and bouts

  • What fluids to drink before, during and after exercise and bouts

The clinic will be held at Portland Boxing Club at 33 Allen Ave in Portland on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 12:00 pm and is free to amateur athletes in combat sports (boxing, wrestling, MMA, BJJ) from any gym thanks to a grant generously awarded from the Agnes M. Lindsay Trust. Advance registration is required.

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Generously sponsored by the Agnes M. Lindsay Trust.