Saturday AFTERNOON circuit training class

If you are a newcomer to the PBC and do not have any prior boxing experience, you must attend a walk-in circuit training class to get acclimated to a boxing workout. The classes are held every Saturday at 2:00 pm and instructed by two-time National Golden Gloves Champion Liz Leddy. The cost is $10.00. When the instructor feels that you have become proficient with that workout, you will be taught a specific beginners workout that you will be able to use as a mainstream member. At that time, you will be allowed to train in the gym as much as you like during our regular hours. The new member cost is $75.00 which includes: a mouth piece, handwraps, and your first month's gym dues. After that, your dues will be $25.00 per month; there is no need to buy further equipment. One-on-one training with the PBC coaching staff is limited but available to all the members at no cost. Priority is with our competitors preparing for a match, but we do take notice of the hard work new members are doing and we do make time to help them.

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We offer personal training here at the PBC and it is open to all levels: the future competitor as well as members just looking for fitness training. Personal Trainers are private contractors certified with USA Boxing and members of the PBC Coaching Staff. If you are inclined to do so and can afford a personal trainer, once you have met with the trainer for the initial beginners training, you will have full membership privileges to the gym starting immediately following that session. The cost is the same $75.00 including the above listed items for new members, plus the trainer's hourly rate which would be worked out with your trainer (there are discount rates for blocks of 10 or 20 sessions). You can spread out your personal training sessions over time while attending the gym on a daily basis, allowing you to work on and strengthen what your trainer has taught you.

General Information about the Portland Boxing Club

Boxing is a self motivated sport that takes countless hours of training and hard work to sharpen the skills necessary to become a fighter. You WILL get out of this program what YOU put into it!

HOURS OF OPERATION: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday – Friday

12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Saturday (closed Sundays) 

Closed during the Month of August (Re-open day after Labor Day) 

DUES: $25 per month (arrangements made for those who cannot afford dues) 

OFFICE TELEPHONE # (207) 761-0975


LOCATION: 33 Allen Avenue, Portland, Maine (behind Bruno’s Restaurant) 

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 644, Portland, ME 04104


The Gym is open to everyone: competitors and non-competitors, male or female, young and not-so-young. We do prefer a minimum age of 10-12 years. Boxers in training for a bout are the coaches’ top priority. 

We have all necessary equipment. Members are required to purchase handwraps and a mouthpiece, which are included in your new member dues. Gym equipment includes a variety of boxing equipment such as an 18X18 ring; heavy bags; speedbags; double end bags; uppercut bags; a weight room and treadmills. 

All individuals are different and progress at their own pace. All members will start at Beginner Level Workout (no contact until coaches agree that the individual is ready and competent for light contact).